Where in the world are all the pet friendly hotels?

When I originally decided to travel with my animals to the unknown, I knew it was going to be difficult.   I took time to research pet friendly hotels and all the necessary steps I would need to take in order to make the trip as easy as possible for my furry babies.   I spoke with my vet about acclimating the cats to the car and their carriers and the endless hours I would need to spend doing so.  Apparently I need to take several mini road trips with them up and down the turnpike just for fun so they can get used to the car.   Much to my surprise however, I didn’t realize finding a hotel that would accept MY pet family would prove as difficult as it did.
I literally spent three hours trying to locate a decent enough hotel where we could stay, free of bedbugs and cockroaches.  Sure, I found cheap hotels that would welcome us, but I prefer three stars and up when I can help it.  Thank You Very Much!  Most hotels have a one pet, 25-pound limit and several other hotels will accept a 40-pound dog, possibly even two.  The issue here lies in the fact that my four legged children look more like a mini rescue than an elitist diamond collar, tutu wearing, four pound pooch out of a boost mobile commercial – what they call the rich people syndrome.  HAHA ! Trust me, it would make my life a whole lot easier to have a dog that fits in my purse, no cats and a last name of Hilton!   I found it even more perplexing that many hotels would make the exception for my dog despite him being 2x the weight limit, but would not allow a cat.  Yeah, that’s right A cat.  I said NOTHING about THREE cats!  I am pretty sure I would have been sleeping in my car had I done so.
As luck would have it, right when I was about to give up and resign to sleeping in my car, I found a hotel that would accept us!  Sure, I will be paying almost $250 for a good night sleep including the $75 pet fee, but I really had no other option….ok maybe a few questionable options.   Right about now, I am sounding like that diamond collar, tutu-wearing Chihuahua.   I can identify with her baby!  😉
Anyyyyyhowwww, I am just happy to have found a hotel where we can all rest our heads and get enough sleep.   Next year, I hope to have an RV where we can all ride and sleep together like a big happy family, but then again who knows!  Nothing in the life of a baseball family can be too premeditated.
Once I arrive safely in Trenton, NJ I will make sure to write a blog about the experience.    I am sure there will be plenty to write about!
Adios – for now.
Below is a picture of Blade in the soft crate I decided to take my kitties in.  I think they will be much happier in here than cramped in three small crates all alone.   I am acclimating them with catnip!  😉  They aren’t at all scared of this like they are their carriers.   Hallelujah!


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