Vegan Tuesdays goes All-Star

Call me a slacker but I am taking a Big League break this Tuesday.   Today is day 1 of a much needed break from back to back to back…I could go on for over 140+ games, but you get the point.  I really haven’t even thought about cooking as of late given that 1. David’s family was in town July 6th thru the 9th, 2. my birthday was the 8th, and 3. All-Star break is here!   All wonderful excuses to be well, LAZY!

The next few days are screaming rest and that is exactly what the hubby and I intend to do.   Baseball season is long and whenever you get a rare day off you don’t take it for granted.   Currently I am watching the All-Star game on Fox praying that the American League will get a run, avoiding a shut out in the next inning and a half.   Why do I care?  Only because David plays for the Yankees organization and I enjoy rooting for his team.  Other than that, I am pretty much indifferent.   I hail from Miami so I can argue for the National League too, but at the end of the day don’t we all just want a good game?!

On a few side notes: I lied a few months back when I wrote a post that said I would never join twitter.  Never say never!  I got sucked into this thing called social media – Ew!  Weird thing is I am actually enjoying it.  Hush – don’t tell!  I am also laying in bed watching 4 cats get along quite well.  Call me the cat whisperer (or not) but the introduction of Sir Thunder to my three quick-to-hiss brats has gone rather smoothly.  Perhaps Jackson Galaxy from “My Cat from Hell” needs a side kick – I’d be 4 paws in! 

Until next time.   Toodles! 


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    July 12, 2012

    I am a big Phillies fan myself. That said, I have respect for the game and all the players. It is not our year this year. Best of luck to David : )

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      Baseball Serendipity

      July 12, 2012

      Ha yes! Thank you. 🙂

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