Vegan Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday!   Today I am going to share a new favorite sandwich of mine that Breanna introduced me to when I first moved from Florida.   The recipe I am including is not Vegan due to the chive spread and cheese but you can make it vegan by leaving off the cheese or using soy cheese and by also using an alternative spread (something I have been meaning to test).     While I am vegan 95% of the time I occasionally indulge in a sauce or desert that may include dairy.    I am not particularly proud of this but I am still working on that last 5%.  😉   Although it is not as good, I do sometimes eat the sandwich “dry” with just sprouts and the avocado, cucumber and tomato mix.
Click on the photo to be redirected to the site with the recipe.  I hope you enjoy this amazing meal!
P.S. Breanna and I recently substituted pea sprouts for the alfalfa sprouts since they were all we could find at the time and they are delish!  Feel free to try other sprouts too…you won’t be disappointed!


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