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As some of you may know, aside from Dama Camelia, I have a lifestyle blog called My Life As A Baseball Wife. It was a blog that I started back in 2012 and then took a hiatus from for several years. About a year ago, I revived My Life As A Baseball Wife (MLBW), blew off the dust and brought it back to life. This, however, resulted in some growing pains. At the time, I was managing this blog and I was struggling to find a balance between the two; I had to determine what each blog would be about.  On Dama Camelia, I was focusing mostly on writing about my love for reading and writing, but I was also throwing in a little bit of health and wellness advice, as I am sure you know. But It didn’t feel right. All posts unrelated to the art of writing or reading felt out of place.  I have since decided to re-post those on MLBW, since this is the home of my lifestyle writing.  

On MLBW, I will continue to document my life as a whole.  This includes my life as a mom and a wife. I will touch on an array of topics that interest me, and eventually, I hope to include some travel blogging.  Consider it the one stop shop for everything related to the Adams family.  What does that mean for Dama Camelia? Well, she is going to be dedicated to my writing. Here, I will continue to share my thoughts on the writerly life, as well as book reviews and annotations.  I haven’t shared work from school lately, so I will likely do that too.  This website, however, is more business focused.  Aside from blogging, I work as a freelance communications specialist;  I help other businesses write press releases, articles, and blogs, while also managing social media accounts.  Dama Camelia, is suited particularly for that and for those who have a love for writing and book, as well as those who are looking for help with their businesses. 

If you have any questions or comments you can me via email at or  To follow me over at, visit the site and sign up for updates. 

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