Rain Rain Go Away…Cat To Come Another Day

I woke up yet again this morning to thunder and a lot of rain. Coming from a tropical state and a city adjacent to the everglades you can imagine the shock I was in when I realized it rains more in NJ and PA than it does in FL! I say this from experience, not scientific fact. It almost feels like the rain is following me to be completely honest. Nevertheless, the name Trenton Thunder is starting to make a lot more sense! When I left Miami a month ago there was a torrential downpour and yet again when I arrived in Richmond 15 hours later for a night and yet againnnnn when I finally arrived in my new apartment in Pennsylvania. After a few days in my new town, just when I thought the sun was going to finally come out and the rain go away, I realized that the rain was not subsiding any time soon.
So far, in about a month’s time, I have attended about 5 games where it rained and I have nearly killed myself in the mud another handful of times while walking Charlie. Yeah, go ahead and laugh…I know the idea of me killing myself in a big pile of mud is hilarious! Anywhoooo, this afternoon the cable guy came by to fix the box that appeared to have blown during a bad thunder storm – shocker! During the visit I had to hold Charlie the entire time since given the opportunity, he would sit on this poor guy and inevitably slap him repeatedly in the face with his killer tale. After about 30 minutes we had to go upstairs to swap out the box in my bedroom.

While up in the room, it took me about ten minutes to realize that Tara was missing. I knew in my heart of hearts that she was just hiding scared but after looking in every crack and crevice of the house, I started to panic. I went so far as to look in the washing machine in case I accidentally threw a 12 LB cat in there when I did a load – ridiculous right? I prayed so! I looked in the dryer even though I hadn’t even opened it today and same with the fridge. This debacle persisted for about 30 minutes but after a few prayers and me screaming out her name, I saw something moving under a blanket in my bedroom. Prior to seeing the evidence I was convinced she was nowhere near my bed. I had literally looked everywhere around the mattress and the dog beds that were covered by said blanket with nothing to report. I still don’t know how she managed to sneak in there sight unseen and blend in so seamlessly, avoiding being seen.

When I did catch her, I popped out my phone to record my discovery in order to send it to everyone I had made aware of the ambler alert. Below is the video as proof that I am not going crazy! You can hear me out of breath since I was running around and up and down stairs for half an hour looking for Tara! Can you believe I didn’t even get an apology!?!?! Unbelievable!


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