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Hi friends! Let’s talk about plants today, and in particular, eating them.  I have been on a plant-based diet since I was 19.  That means, 11.5 years!  I have gone back and forth between being a raw-foodist, vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian.  Lately, however, I have gotten into a terrible habit of eating junk!  Great, so I don’t eat meat, but what does that matter health-wise, if I am scarfing down candy and junk most of the day?  My husband gives me a hard time and says, what kind of a vegan doesn’t eat plants? OMG HAHA, well yes, I do eat plants and a lot of them! BUT…. and here is the big but, I eat way more simple carbs and low substance foods than it should be my business to.

After having my first son, I did pretty well getting back in shape and correcting my diet; after boy number two, I failed.   I feel like I failed over and over and over again.  I have gained so much weight and I feel completely unhealthy.  I even starting drinking beer – I never drank beer!  Not much of an alcohol drinker at all, I’ve suddenly become more and more likely to enjoy a beer at dinner. In addition, my workouts became a thing of the past while life and other responsibilities took over. I have not been true to myself and my deep-rooted yearning to be a holistically healthy individual.  I’m ashamed that I have not honored the temple God gave me, and it is time I take a good look in the mirror and face the facts.

I came across this post on Facebook last night from FitMomma and it resonated with me so deeply! Not only have a lived this very scenario the last 4.5 years of my life, but she is a vegan!  Although one of my favorite words is serendipity, this was no happy coincidence!  This was a sign from above.  I guess I don’t really believe in coincidences anymore; I believe in fate. Melanie has woken me up from a deep slumber – a metaphorical one that is because this momma definitely doesn’t sleep well at night.

It has been three solid years since I ate the way I know I should and I’m going to do a better job from now on.  I gave up coffee for Lent and made it!  By the end of the 40 days, I actually preferred tea! It is easy to create a habit, we just have to be intentional about it.  I am going to try to undo my bad habits and replace them with better ones.  While I am at it, I should do the same with my kids’ diets, but I will start with mine first.  I have more control of myself than I could ever have of my rambunctious, and very strong-willed boys!

Now that I am making an effort to blog more frequently, I will include my diet and fitness lifestyle on my blog as part of my journey and hopefully, it will pay off in spades.


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