Discovering Camelia

The story of how I came to use the name Camelia is a rather compelling one.  From the time I was a little girl, I identified as Camille.  It wasn’t until I was 15 and needed a copy of my birth certificate that I learned my legal name was actually Camelia.  I remember looking over at my mother in utter disbelief, “My name is what?!,” I shrieked.  Little did I know that this misunderstanding would play a significant role in my life.

When my mother gave me my name she recalls being mocked and ridiculed, but she stood her ground and followed her intuition; she always knew in her heart that Camelia was the name for me.  For those of you who know my mother, it is no secret that she is a very unique individual.  We joke around that she is an alien because despite having her feet planted firmly on the ground, she lives somewhere in the clouds.  I am not entirely shocked that it slipped her mind, after all those years of addressing me as such, that Camille wasn’t actually my legal name.

At 29 I can say with confidence that nothing happens by chance and that there was a divine plan in place. I embarked on a pilgrimage that began around the age of 24 and peeked with my returning home to the Catholic Church in 2016, nearly five years later.  When I decided to start blogging again, (I haven’t blogged in over two years) but under entirely new circumstances, God was speaking to me very lucidly.  The night before launching this site I was praying the rosary and I just kept hearing “Camelia, Camelia, Camelia.”  Something was telling me to start using my birth name again and to use the image of the beautiful flower it represents to accompany it.

The following morning I started researching the name online and came to a huge realization – Camelia means “helper of the priest” in Latin.  It was at that very instant that I KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was on the right path. (I will get into the reason why everything just came together at that very moment in another post.)  Every day is a gift and God has incredible plans in mind for all of us – we just have to listen.

This blog is going to be a peek into my life and spiritual journey as I prepare to enter my 30s. I am the mother of two amazing preschool-aged boys who keep me on my toes 24/7 and I am married to my soul mate.  I really hope you enjoy reading my journal and I do hope that you keep me accountable by being engaged.






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    October 5, 2015

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    Alien 👽

    May 13, 2017

    Chills! That is all I can say. Proud of a Camelia 🕊

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    Steve (not an Alien)

    May 14, 2017

    That was really interesting!!! I look forward to reading about your plans! Maybe you’ll become a preacher? 🤔. Guess we’ll have to wait & see!

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