Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and it marked the beginning of the Lenten Season.  This is a holy time for Catholics and others of Christian faith, and one where we are to aim our sights square on the Lord.  The next 40 days which culminate on Easter, are an opportunity for us to set our selfish desires aside and allow God to work in our lives.  If you make yourself less important, God will mold you and shape you into a better version of yourself.


As Catholics, we wear the sign of the cross made of ashes to remind ourselves that from ashes we came and ashes we will again become; it is a reminder of our mortality.  During Lent, it is expected of us to fast and abstain from our vices. There are only two days in the Catholic faith when fasting is required of us: Ash Wednesday and Easter. Between those two days, we abstain from things that do not serve God.  This is meant to remind us to focus on Him alone.


This year I have decided to give up coffee, something I have come to rely heavily upon.  It is not unusual for me to drink 10-12 oz of coffee, daily. I am hoping that by giving up coffee I will focus more on the Lord’s presence in my life and every time I desire a sip, it will remind me to honor Him instead.


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