Always in Control

Many things make me uneasy, but lack of control definitely tops the charts.   Although I am not a control freak, I definitely enjoy being in control, especially when it comes to my life.   One major lesson that I have had to learn while embarking on this journey of mine, is that in baseball we have little to no say over our paths.   We may like to blaze our own trails, but sometimes the fire is perpetually redirected.
While lacking control in some areas, there are still many aspects of our lives that we have sole power over.   Lets give credit where credit is due – basically, when it comes down to it, our mind is in control of more than we sometimes like to admit.   While we are powerless when it comes to things like playing-time, assignments, and teammates, we have so much that we can direct our focus on, ultimately giving ourselves a greater sense of purpose and control.
I am not going to lie to you and tell you that the sun always shines bright on this side of the world, but I will tell you that when things get tough, it is the mind that can pull you out of the eternal dusk.    I find that I am constantly learning ways to strengthen my faith and even more so, my relationship with myself and with my husband.     I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason.   Sure, sometimes it is easier to dwell and feel like life is a big cruel joke, but the minute my mind starts wandering into the darkness, I quickly turn to the light and save grace.
I think that as humans, we constantly have to work on improving ourselves and living free of sin.   While the latter can seem nearly impossible, I am finding that with time and practice it is not as hard as it may seem.    When we work towards making the light inside of us strong enough to withstand wind and rain, we can easily prove ourselves wrong.
In the mean time, I am taking each bump and divergence in the road as an opportunity to learn.    As strongly as I feel that the routes we take sometimes change unexpectedly for the best, I feel that we must take the chance to learn from the unpredictable.    These surprises along the way are what teach us how to adjust and become malleable, so much so that we are completely unbreakable.


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    May 8, 2012

    SUPERB!!! you are wise beyond your years!

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    Married to Baseball

    May 9, 2012

    You are handling things better than, I think, many “seasoned” wives would be able to! I am so jealous of your composure ;-). I also consider myself very lucky to have such a sweet friend that radiates so much positive energy!!
    PS- I know it’s only been like 10 hours since I’ve seen you but is it weird that I’m having withdrawls? LOL

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      Baseball Serendipity

      May 9, 2012

      You are awesome! :). Thanks a million for your sweet words and yeah…kinda having withdrawals too. After all, you are my other, other half if you catch my drift! 😉 See you mañana roomie!

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    May 10, 2012

    Thanks for being such a positive voice!!!! Because you are so fabulous, I am sending the Beautiful Blogger award your way. If you care to accept this award, please visit the following site for instructions:

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