All about Baseball and my Faith in Him

I think I owe everyone a baseball post given that my blog is all about my serendipitous life as a baseball wife and all! 🙂   I have to say that my first month in Trenton has been a bit of a whirlwind.   There have been a myriad of adjustments to my daily schedule, one example being the change in my sleeping pattern.  I have recently accustomed myself to fall asleep between 2AM and 3AM and not wake up until at least 10:30-11AM.  I have also gotten used to sitting through 3.5 hours of baseball 3-6 days per week and waiting another 30-45 minutes outside the locker room for David to come out – he is almost always one of the last ones – yay for the Adams family!
My entire life I have been an early bird, however, subsequent to my new lifestyle, I am now a night owl.  Despite all the adjustments, I really don’t have any complaints and am honestly happy to have the opportunity to live with David this season.   Having my life literally revolve around his career has brought me a whole new appreciation for what baseball players and athletes, in general, do.
Ever since I moved, I have made it my priority to take care of everything David needs, from doing the laundry to cooking breakfast to cleaning the house and taking care of bills.   These are all things I have always done anyway, but now my one and only focus is making sure David is taken care of…well, he and the animals of course!  🙂  Truthfully though, I am astonished at how the ball players that are on their own manage their lives.
I usually take the time to clean and do all the shopping when the guys are on road trips, but when they are in town I barely have the time to fit everything in.   With only a few off days every season, I have no idea how they find the time to do anything but work at their craft and play 9 innings of baseball every day – and the occasional 10-16 innings!  Yep – I recently sat through a double header that included TWO 15 inning games that ended at 12:30 AM!  Nevertheless, it has sincerely brought me the greatest level of happiness knowing that I can take pressure off of David’s day to day needs so that he can focus on what is most important right now.  Being with my husband and providing the support that he needs has brought me the kind of peace that only God can bring.
Ever since joining the Baseball Chapel this season I have learned to allow God to lead my life.   This life is full of trials and tribulations, even for the most successful, yet when you maintain a strong focus on God you are able to better deal with the circumstances handed to you. I never thought I would be the person to rely so heavily on Him, but it is honestly the only thing that has been able to bring me the peace of mind I need to live this life.
When David leaves on road trips for a week at a time and has to endure the brutal bus rides through the middle of the night, I have peace knowing that God is watching over him.   I know that what he is doing is not in vain and that God has a greater plan for him and our family.   Whatever our future holds, I know it is something great.   Whether we are meant to be on this path for another year or another fifteen years, I have now allowed “Jesus to take the wheel” as Carrie Underwood once sang.


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    June 8, 2012

    This is a really beautiful story, Camille … It’s like opening a time capsule and looking back to simpler days when what you are doing for your husband wasn’t “weird or odd”, it was just what a husband and wife just did for each other. I really liked this a lot and he is lucky to have you on his team (no pun intended). Have a great weekend.
    Tom Bello

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      Baseball Serendipity

      June 8, 2012

      Thank you so much Tom! 🙂

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    June 8, 2012

    We all have our purpose in life and you have found yours! Blessings – I am so proud of you!

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    Jennabel Lanza

    December 11, 2018

    Great story. I love seeing more and more Christian bloggers 🙂

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      December 11, 2018

      😀🙏🏼 thank you!

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